— effortless login — from social to wallet — for your Web project
— authorize extras with hassle-free "in-app-purchases" (IAPs) in dollars and cryptos
— back-end code optional and front-end only OK... write minimal code once but support dollars and coins
— as unliable as possible — no custody of user data for logins and purchases

Very easily enhance your Web application with an anti-bot login and monetize it through paid up-sells, in-app purchases (IAPs), add-ons, and subscriptions.

Do this with minimal work and minimal integration by leveraging public ledger (blockchain/crypto) authorization concepts... yet without requiring yourself or your users to use, know, or care-for, cryptos and blockchains.

Take payments in dollars — without you or your customers having to trust overhide (trust Stripe).

Take payments with cryptos without modifying your code — write once and leverage many coins.

By adding some simple widgets to your app — your Web application will authenticate "free" users, provide up-sell subscriptions for dollars, and be future proof by allowing payment for same in cryptos.

Onboard to connect a new or existing Stripe account
with the overhide ledger.

For cryptos, onboard by generating an address with your wallet.

Add the widgets to your front-end:

<pay2myapp-hub id="hub" apiKey=".."></pay2myapp-hub>      

<pay2myapp-login hubId="hub"

Add up-sell payment buttons throughout your front-end:

<pay2myapp-appsell hubId="hub" 
  authorizedMessage="Use Feature"
  unauthorizedTemplate="Add Feature ($${topup})"

Optionally customize the widgets — they're standard Web components customizable in the standard ways via slots and css.

They're standard Web components ready to embed in React.js or any other framework.

Optionally, depending on your use-case:
  — leverage the back-end
  — or write some node.js / Azure function code

async (event) => {
  const result = await lucchetto.getSku(...);
}, false);

Start authenticating your users as anonymous tokens and charging them for add-ons in dollars, ethers, and bitcoins — without being responsible for any of their personal data.


ease-in from social-logins to owning their access

shy from trusting their network to trusting their digital wallets

secrets always in their control — never provided over networks

have flexibility to purchase for-pay access in dollars or cryptos

leverage complex generated secret keys — in password-managers or digital wallets


don't manage users' credentials

don't integrate with payment gateways

don't re-write code despite new currencies

accept dollars and cryptos

it's OSS

How much of the onion do you need to peel off?

The higher up in the stack, the more opinionated value-add for less effort.

You likely want to start at the top.

The ecosystem now offers in-app purchase extended remote-storage clusters:

testnet / fake payments
mainnet / live / prod

Leverage these clusters with your lucchetto.js extended pplication to easily offer upsells (app-sells?)

As always, these servers are fully FOSS



less current ...